Healing stages

Healing stages 1

The Nanoblading Healing Stages Day By Day

Day 1: The colour is perfect. and the shape is what you have dreamed of. 

Day 2-5: The colour will darken slightly which is temporarily as the fresh colour goes through a period of oxidation like a slice of apple does when it has been left out for a while.

Day 5-10: Your nanobladed eyebrows begin to flake as part of the healing process.

Day 10-15: Uh oh! Where are my brows? This is the time when the ghosting phase begin. When the flaking phase is over, new skin begins to grow which makes the nanobladed eyebrows less visible. Don’t worry, it is still there!

Day 15-30: You will feel fully healed as your eyebrows feel normal.

Touch-up Day: It’s time to perfect your eyebrows.

It’s normal for nanoblading to fade over time. It also depends on how your skin holds on to the pigment. Therefore, after your initial session, you’ll need a touch-up session. This will maintain the shape, color, and definition of your brows. Also, it’s time when we can go for a more darker and fuller eyebrows if needed.

Generally, it is recommended to get a touch-up 6-8 weeks after the first initial session.

Compared to your first session, a touch-up is essentially the same procedure but on a smaller scale. 

Healing stages 2
Healing stages 1